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You've got the power
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More than 850,000 Kiwi kids can’t be wrong – Award winning magician Elgregoe has become one of New Zealand's top school show performers! 

His show teaches key values that educate students about how to treat others and has a strong emphasis on anti bullying.

Using tricks, puppets, ventriloquism, music, song, stories and amazing props (including live birds), the important messages are conveyed to the children in a fun, fast-paced show.

You’ve Got the Power is a great show which promotes great attitudes and helps achieve bully free environments – and all this presented by an award winning magician and ventriloquist!

It was simply by chance that the team at Trustpower caught Elgregoe in action one day. His incredible passion and ability to engage with children left such an impression on the Trustpower team that the company has partnered with Elgregoe so we can show even more Kiwi kids that they really do have the power!

This partnership has allowed Elgregoe to create resources for in-class use, so his anti-bullying message can be reinforced in the classroom. These resources ensure Elgregoe's anti-bullying message reaches even more Kiwi kids, teaching them that they have the power to make a difference in their school.